License Error


License Error

Postby anonymous_wm » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:07 am

I have upgraded winmessenger to version 2.8.
The user is now getting a license error, stating that we need to purchase a license.
The previous version was a licensed copy of winmessenger.
What can I do to get rid of the license error?

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Re: License Error

Postby vypress » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:09 am

To unlock WinMessenger perform the following procedure:
For version 2.8 and higher you have to unlock only the "WinMessenger" Service. The unlocking procedure is not necessary if the service is not installed. There are two ways you can unlock WinMessenger:

1. If the product is already installed then copy the license file (".key" file that was attached to your registration e-mail) to the home folder of WinMessenger (Home folder is a folder where file WmSrv.exe located is).
2. If the product is not installed yet then copy the license file to the same location where the installation package (.msi file) is. You shouldn’t change the name of file.
3. Run the installation process.
4. The license file will be copied to the home folder automatically by Windows Installer.

1. Using WinMessenger Service snap-in of the Microsoft Management Console 3.0
2. In the console tree, click WinMessenger Service -> Generic parameters item;
3. Double-click on License file location property;
4. Press Add button in the License file location Property dialog;
5. In the File open dialog specify path to the license file and press OK button. You should see the registration name and number of licenses in the Licensed to field when you select the file in the License files list;
6. Repeat steps above for each license file that you have;
7. Close all dialogs by OK button.

After the license file entered or copied you have to restart the service "WinMessenger" from the Services control panel. Additional information about how to add a snap-in to the MMC 3.0 console you can find in the Microsoft Management Console Help system.

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