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Will Vypress Chat function over a VPN?

Thank you.

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Postby vypress » Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:08 am

Vypress Chat works over TCP/IP network protocol and can use IP multicast or broadcast datagrams for communications. Usually such type of traffic is disabled in VPNs.
There is only one way to get Vypress Chat working over a VPN network it is enabling and configuring routing for multicast network traffic between your networks. You can use any routing protocol to route multicast traffic, for example "Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)".
So if the network is completely under you control you can configure it to allow communication otherwise you should to ask your VPN provider to configure it.
IP multicasting does not become a security problem but it may use a lot of network bandwidth in case of hardware or software misconfiguration. There are few application that use multicast or broadcast features of the TCP/IP protocol in VPNs that’s why it is usually disabled by routers.
Unfortunately we are unable to give you more detailed suggestions because there are many ways to organize VPN network and we are not good at network administration.
You can find much information about routing for multicast traffic in the Internet by searching keywords “IGMP” or “multicast routing”.

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