WinMessenger 2.8 released!

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WinMessenger 2.8 released!

Postby vypress » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:34 am

Some highlights for this new version:
1. The program has been divided in two parts service and client that work in separated processes and communicates using COM mechanism. Client and server can be run on different machines. One server can work with many clients and can listen up to 254 NetBIOS Names.
2. Received messages can be read by computer immediately after receiving (text to speech feature is used) so it isn't necessary to get in touch with a PC to read a message.
3. This version provides a COM server that is accessible from any other .NET applications, JavaScripts and VBScripts.
4. The platform level has risen. Minimum required OS version is Windows 2000.
5. This version is distributed as a Windows Installer installation database (.msi file).
6. 64 bits version is also available.

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