Address Book and Active directory (LDAP)


Address Book and Active directory (LDAP)

Postby anonymous_vm » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:41 am

How can I add users from an LDAP server to my address book?

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Re: Address Book and Active directory (LDAP)

Postby vypress » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:42 am

First of all please read the "Adding addresses from Active Directory and others LDAP-servers" topic of the Vypress Messeger Help system.

By default, Vypress Messenger uses following fields from LDAP records:
cn - Nickname
otherPager - Address (if starts with “vimp:” or “smb:”)
displayName - These fields are used to compose full user name
description - Note
mail - E-mail address
userCertificate - Digital certificate
objectGUID - Used to organize records

sAMAccountName - These fields can be used as an recipient address in string "vimp:sAMAccountName.dcN....dc1" where dc1...dcN are dc elements of the didstinguished domain name. In your case it can be "". See description of "MakeVimpAddress" registry setting.

All attribute names can be changed in the registry; you should to create the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VyPRESS\Address Book\LDAP" and add there following STRING values:

You can also specify following additional options under the mentioned registry key:
DWORD "EnableEdit" - allows to modify objects on an LDAP server from the Address Book (write record permission is required for an authenticated user)
DWORD "MakeVimpAddress" - causes Vypress Messenger using "userPrincipalName" and "sAMAccountName" attributes instead of the "otherPager" attribute to create a recipient's address.
STRING "UserClass" - class name of objects that are treated as users for the Address Book.
STRING "ObjectClassAttribute" - attribute name that is used instead of the "objectClass" attribute.

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