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Vypress Auvis 3.8 beta 1 version is available now

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:10 pm
by vypress
First beta version of Vypress Auvis 3.8 is available for downloading now.

- This version is compatible with Vypress Messenger 4.8;
- The presence protocol was added;
- IPv6 network protocol support was added;
- The Logging feature was added. Now Logging to XML files and over SOAP is supported;
- Received messages can be read by computer immediately after receiving (text to speech feature is used) so it isn't necessary to get in touch with a PC to read a message;
- Fixed several small bugs and glitches;
- The platform level has risen. Minimum required OS version is Windows 2000;
- 64 bits version is also available;
- The software was compiled and assembled using the latest Microsoft SDK for Windows 7.

More info about Vypress Auvis

Downloads: - 32 bits version - 64 bits version