Invalid Value error message


Invalid Value error message

Postby anonymous_wm » Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:33 am

We are receiving the following error on one of our machines:
Invalid Value – the name “USER_NAME” cannot be found on the network...
This is the correct system name, so I’m not sure what is creating the problem. Any ideas?

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Re: Invalid Value error message

Postby vypress » Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:24 am

WinMessenger is a replacement for the standard Messenger Service and WinPopup tools.
Do mentioned tools work in your network?
Can you receive messages using the standard Windows XP Messenger Service and send messages using the "net send" command?
If mentioned tools don't work in your network, then WinMessenger of course won't work too.

Are you able to browse shared files on other computers and can other users browse your shared files?
Are you able to browse shared files on other computers using "\\IP address" syntax?
If you are able to access shared files on the remote computer by IP address but unable by Computer name, then you have some troubles with the Computer Browser service in your Network.
See following links to get additional information about the Computer Browser issues: ... -us;188001 ... -us;102878 ... -us;188305 ... -us;136712 ... -US;133241 ... -us;191611

You have to stop the standard Messaging Service, which may be running on your computer or close other software that sends or receives messages using the NetBIOS protocol because WinMessenger also uses standard NetBIOS and SMB protocols and same NetBIOS names to send and receive messages.
Please check also that:
1. Windows Firewall is turned off or configured to allow communications over the NetBIOS protocol (it may use 137, 138, 139, 445 TCP/IP ports).
2. There are not duplicated computer or user names with the suffix <03> in your network.
Use "nbtstat -n" command to check which NetBIOS names are registered on your computer.
3. Your computer and user names meet to NetBIOS name restrictions (see ... _xvxz.mspx).
Many other issues like Local policies, Security or Network setting may stop working WinMessenger.
Setting up your network using Network Setup Wizard is very helpful to configure peer-to-peer networks and may solve your problems.

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